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Post by Okasasagi on Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:00 am

Discussion & Social sites:

Official forum
Official Twitter feed
Reddit for Mabi

Database, Info & Guide sites:

Mabi Terms of Use
Mabinogi World Wiki

Guides for new players:

Beginner Guide - How to Start Off
Starting Talents for Dummies
Earning Belvast Seals

Playing with others:

Mabi World Wiki wrote:
Leveling Up

Leveling up the guild requires Guild Points (GP) and gold.
Members may contribute money and GP to the guild by clicking on the guild stone and selecting either the "Donate Gold to Guild" or "Convert Play Points into Guild Points" option.
Each time the guild is upgraded, the indicated amount below must be spent.

Guild Level Required GP Required Gold Members
Beginner--Maximum of 5
Basic1002,000Maximum of 10
Advanced2,0004,000Maximum of 20
Great7,00050,000Maximum of 50
Grand20,000100,000Maximum of 250

Earning GP

Guild members earn 1 GP for every 6 hours of in-game time they are logged on. That translates to 9 minutes in real-life time.
Guild members will also gain 5 GP per level up.
GP is used to:

  • Level up the Guild (GP required is dependent on level)
  • Change the appearance of the Guild Stone (GP required dependent on level)
  • Upgrade and add features to the Guild Hall (GP required dependent on purchase)
  • Participate in Guild Battles (900 GP)
  • Make a Guild Robe (1000 GP)

Dye Colors:

Links to Dyelite and Instructions

Lore & Role-playing:

(I couldn't find any good mabinogi related links, so I just used the ones I had from FF, some information may not apply but on the whole it's helpful.)
Role-Playing Guide
Questions for developing a character

If you can think of anything I haven't included, please let me know!

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